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Hi, I’m Lucia Dramat

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

Too many of us, irrespective of our financial situation, are going through the motions but we are not living. At least not the way Maya Angelou speaks about. I would like to help you change that.

My passion for people and to see them live well has been a driving force for over eleven years. I have facilitated multiple groups, marriage courses and trainings. I have addressed youth, women, couples and staff. In addition I have hosted numerous events, all for the purpose of helping people unlock the THRIVING LIFE.

My desire to encourage and build people has navigated me through my public relations work, media work, public speaking, radio presenting, writing from my local newspaper to blogging, and that is why I have decided to jump in with both feet. Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing I have helped someone succeed and grow.

Allow me to help you go beyond the boundaries and obstacles that have been holding you back from doing what you have been desiring to do. We all have great ideas but sometimes bringing them to fruition is the only problem. Especially when these ideas look like mammoths, they can become disabling. Before we have even tried we give up. Does this sound familiar?

It is possible to check all the boxes but still end up feeling frustrated and unhappy.  Allow me to help you discover what can set your satisfaction, contentment and happiness free.

Going through the motions, is not living. Doing good, is not always right. Smiling, does not mean we are happy. Success, does not mean we are satisfied. There is more to life. For some it may be making a change, for others it may just be changing our minds. Allow me to assist you in discovering some truths about yourself, clarifying your vision and directing your paths forward.

Personal development brings growth and refreshment to your mind and emotions but also has a direct impact on your career and finances, relationship, confidence and even on your body.

This journey is similar to getting a personal trainer to structure and support you on your journey to your body and health goals. A personal trainer keeps you accountable by making sure you train regularly. They assist and correct your technique and form. They identify problem areas and help to target it. As well as motivating and encouraging you along the way. In the same way I provide that structure, support, accountability, blockage identification, motivation and encouragement to help you reach your goals. Your body is important but so is your mind, emotions and future.

Lucia Dramat Home

Private or small group sessions can be arranged to suit your group size, event, venue or any other specific requirements. Be it a book club, friendship or family groups, we welcome you all. We will happily endeavor to develop a package that will accommodate your requirements.

Lucia Dramat Home

Are you interested in having us present the Strategise Course in-house at your business, institution or organisation?  We do in-house workshops, courses and coaching to strengthen the team, bring clarity to the vision and to awaken individual purpose contributing to the bigger picture.

Lucia Dramat Home

We offer one-on-one sessions (virtual or in person) to assist and support individuals on their growth and goal achieving journey. We will develop a package that suits your requirements be it once a week/month sessions for whatever duration required. We want to see you succeed.

Lucia Dramat Home

Would you like to invite Lucia Dramat to speak at your next conference, event or special day? Make contact with us as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on the special days such as Casual Day, Youth Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s month and the rest.


  • Werk Eerste Met Onsself

    “Ons het geleer om eerste met onsself te werk voor ons dink daaraan om ander mense te
    verander. Ons moet die negatief laat gaan en die positief opbou”

    Comments from the ladies of the Pebbles Project.

  • Ready To Move Mountains

    “This morning opened my eyes and it gave me so much hope, I feel like I can move a mountain”


  • Learned A Lot

    “We learned a lot. We hope to come back for more.”


  • A Giant Leap Into The Right Direction

    For I long time I wanted to do things and make positive changes to my life but I did not know how or where to start this course gave me practical ways to go about and caused a giant leap into the right direction for me.I have completed one important goal and about to start my own business. Thank you Lucia and fiftyloop


  • Finding balance

    If I think about my life, married, children, grandchildren, n health worker, pastor of a church I need to find the balance in it all. My first workshop with Strategise helped me to find the balance of the vision, dreams that I have for others and myself,  I’m also excited to attend the 3 weeks workshop to learn more.

    Wife, Mother, Pastor

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