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Fifty Coffees: S T R A T E G I S E



'Strategise ain't no tea party!' It is a serious session where we will be working through the keys to unlock the success we want to see in 2018. We will be taking time to personalise the keys for our lives, to ensure each person walks away with more than knowledge but know how as well.

The start of each year is a time to refresh, take stock and continue with a renewed energy. Many times we start a year with so much hope and so many ideas but by the time we end the year we are sad to see that we didn't achieve, complete or even start what we had set out to do. This goes beyond personal resolutions, we have great ideas to make a difference but they never materialise either.

"I would start every year ready to change the world and by the month of May I would feel like I haven't done anything and we are mid-way through the year. I decided to make a change by doing certain things to ensure that by the end of the year I have grown, done what I had set out to do and that I ended better than I started. The past few years have reflected my hearts desires as I have done many of the things I had set out to do. AND FOR ME THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE THE MOST AMAZING YEAR YET! As I will be applying all the principles and keys I have learnt over the years to achieve all I set out to do and to experience great success. Of course I love to encourage and that why I am not going to keep it to myself, I want to share this with my Fifty Coffees Ladies who share the desire to have their dreams fulfilled this year." - Lucia Dramat, Fifty Coffees Founder.

If you are determined to make this your best year yet, COME TO STRATEGISE. If you would like to achieve the goals you set out for this year, COME TO STRATEGISE. If you have had good years but you are ready for a great year, COME TO STRATEGISE. If you want to be surrounded by like minded individuals ready to do amazing things in 2018, COME TO STRATEGISE.


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