Fast Day Fifteen

This is what the Lord says—  your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God,  who teaches you what is best for you,who directs you in the way you should go.” – Isaiah 48:17

“D I R E C T S   Y O U   I N   T H E   W A Y   Y O U   S H O U L D   G O”

There are laws and rules that govern many of the things we do and it guides us so we know what to do in different situations. It makes right and wrong very clear. That is not the problem. We struggle when there aren’t laws and rules to fall back on when we need to make a decision. A great new job in a new city quite far away, do you take it or not? Who are the right people to befriend and grow close to and who are the people you should not trust? There are so many decisions we make that have a great impact on our lives and the

lives of others that we need the best answer for. The God answer.  Here God promises to direct us in the way we should  go. So when we find ourselves in those challenging decisions, he will lead us in the way we should go. Sometimes we may not even know its time to make a decision or a change but then God steps in an directs us to take a step. Meditate on this scripture and allow Him to direct, lead and speak to you in these last few days of this fast. This is one of His promises and He is faithful.