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We often get asked what Fiftyloop means and it is always such a joy to explain it. In the back of our minds we had the term “staying in the loop”, we then searched the bible for a symbol or word that represented what we aimed to do. We came across the structure of the tabernacle when Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt. The tabernacle was a tent like structure that they would set up and pack up when they made camp or departed to a new camp.  The tabernacle was the temple of God, where the Holy Spirit rested before Jesus came. On each end of the tabernacle tent there were fifty loops and fifty clasps holding the tabernacle together. Fiftyloop aims to do the same thing, keeping the body of Christ connected. Essentially the name Fiftyloop was a perfect fit.


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We have multiple blog series from Bravery In Business, which focuses on Christians doing phenomenal things in business, to Confessions of a Young Married Couple which focuses on the journey of marriage through the eyes of a young couple. Another really popular blog series is 50Coffees where we interview inspiration women over a cup of coffee. There are many more blog series, features, reviews, interviews and articles that you will enjoy. So for an entertaining and informative read about real people, events and news check out our blog.